From the Student’s Perspective

Check out our guest posts written by students and other experts as they share their insights about applying to graduate school and give us insights into what it is like to be a grad student. 


Maintaining motivation in grad school even when your supervisor is destroying it

Contributor: A recent graduate in Neuroscience from the University of British Columbi











From the classroom to the cubicle: Seeking feedback the right way 

Contributor: Alicia Magda is a student and member of the GreekForMe team








6 Reasons Why Summer Research Experience will Give you More Than Just Research Experience

Contributor: Sophie Duranceau, a graduate from Concordia University (B.A. Psychology, Honours).  Sophie worked diligently on grad-school applications, and  received multiple acceptance letters from excellent Clinical Psychology programs!










How to get a summer research experience while keeping a roof over your head

Contributor: Sophie Duranceau is a recent graduate from Concordia University (B.A. Psychology, Honours), she explains the financial benefits and other perks of working as a summer research assistant. 











Addressing weaknesses in your graduate school application

Contributor: Giulio Rocca is a Harvard alumnus and the founder of and, online references for people applying to graduate and business school










Planning on Med School?

Contributor: Liz Koblyk is a career counsellor at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, an instructor at McMaster University, and a regular contributor to the Careers Café blog at University Affairs/Affaires universitaires.


The Benefits of Attending a Smaller University or College

Contributor: Dr. Dave Brodbeck is an experimental psychologist at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada where he teaches and studies the evolution of cognition.  Dave can be found talking science, video games, sports, politics etc at or on twitter @dbrodbeckAll of his lectures are podcasted and available on iTunes