Reviews and Testimonials

Here’s what students and previous consulting clients have said about Dr. Mumby’s advisement and consultation services…

Former consulting client M.G. (May 2017).  I had a consultation several months ago regarding my application to grad school that was accompanied by an abysmal GPA in a subject not related to my current application with the added bonus of no relevant work experience. I wanted to follow up and say thank you. I have been unconditionally offered a place at one of my preferred Universities. Thank you again, as your recommendations clearly paid off. 

Former consulting client Anna Wilga (April 2017). I appreciate that Dr. Mumby has set up a service like this because it offers students like me the opportunity to ask questions that you can not ask elsewhere without having to talk to 20 different people (also assuming that they would be willing to help you). Dr. Mumby was very knowledgeable, patient, and very kind. He took some extra time, exceeding the 30 minutes, to answer any remaining questions I had and allowed me to contact him with further questions. He was also extremely kind in that he wanted to know about my progress. It is extremely valuable to be able to consult with someone like Dr. Mumby. 

Former consulting client, Sophie Foreman. I spoke to Dr. Mumby to find out if I was taking my SoP (statement of purpose) in the right direction and just to ask some general questions about admissions and online programs. I found his answers very helpful and felt much more confident about my application after the conversation.

Dr. Nicole Robitaille, Queen’s University. With Dr. Mumby’s time, and advice, I was given many useful tips that helped me in my graduate school applications.  I do not think I would be where I am today (an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Queen’s University), were it not for his helpful guidance. 

He knows tips and tricks to apply, what recruitment committees are looking for.  And if you follow his suggestions, it greatly increases your chances of successfully being admitted to top graduate programs, while at the same time not being annoying or difficult or any trouble to those places where you are applying.

PhD student, Lima Kayello, Biology, McGill University. Dr. Mumby is a kind and generous teacher with so much wisdom and patience. Under his supervision, I joined his research team and learned a lot of technical and hand-on research skills. He is sincere in his efforts to help young grads and he has helped me initiate my research and academic experiences through his advice and referrals. He is extremely generous with his time, and had never let me down when I asked for his help. I believe that Dr. Mumby embodies the true definition of a teacher, one that truly cares for his students’ success, and I have yet to meet another teacher as amazing and true as he is.    

Dr. Nafissa Ismail, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa. I have had a strong interest in understanding and unveiling the mysteries of the brain since high school, but I did not know much about Neuroscience research or what career options I would have in the future. I applied to Concordia University in their Bachelor’s of Science program in Psychology specialized in Behavioural Neuroscience. I was thrilled to be admitted, but I had lots of questions and I didn’t know who could help. Luckily, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Dave Mumby during the summer before starting at Concordia University. He asked me about my interests and helped me chose the right courses. Dr. Mumby is a very kind, understanding, patient and encouraging individual. He has supported me throughout my undergraduate training and I am very grateful for all his help and guidance!   

Former PhD Student, Pavel P.  I have received advice from Dave one-on-one, and I attended one of his seminars on applying to graduate school (held at Concordia University). He is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and will help you make informed decisions about your future. Plus, he is a pleasant person, very easy to talk to; highly recommended! I remember one of the first things I learned from him was how one can go about asking for letters of recommendation in such a way that almost guarantees that you end up with great letters. Just this one gem of a tip has been so useful; I have been telling people about it for years!   

Law Student, Jessica Starck (Litigation Associate, Bennett Jones LLP). I met Dr. Mumby when I was in my first year at Concordia, studying psychology. I remember feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to make the most out of my undergraduate degree. Dr. Mumby took the time to sit down with me and clearly explain many different options, all the while offering advice and asking questions about my interests and goals – many of which I had not even considered myself at that point. Dr. Mumby helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do to succeed at Concordia and encouraged me to set goals and plan ahead. Subsequently, I ended up completing my honours thesis under Dr. Mumby’s supervision. I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from someone who genuinely cared so much, not only about his own work, but also about all of the students he interacted with. Although I am now pursuing a career in law, there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Mumby’s guidance and confidence in me was integral to my success in doing so.