– Great resource for students applying to graduate school

MyGraduateSchool is a great resource for anyone applying to graduate or professional school. The information comes straight from the experts, including graduate program directors, selection committee members, research supervisors, career counselors and graduate students. I am a contributer as well, mostly to selected feature articles on topics like: basic components of a graduate school application and finding the right graduate program. My favourite articles are the interviews, like this one, with the people that are making the selection decisions! It’s a terrific perspective to understand before tackling on the grad school applications yourself.

If your interested, you can also follow the site on twitter @myGradSchool


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  1. Great Seminar on Graduate school this week, who would of known that you have to know about these things years in advanced. Thankfully I already have a RA position but I guess that just leaves the GPA I need to work on to compete with those brains that have a 4.30 after 4 years of studies! Thanks so much for all the valuable information! It will be very much put to use! Can’t wait to read more in the book!


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