Month: October 2009 – Great resource for students applying to graduate school

MyGraduateSchool is a great resource for anyone applying to graduate or professional school. The information comes straight from the experts, including graduate program directors, selection committee members, research supervisors, career counselors and graduate students. I am a contributer as well, mostly to selected feature articles on topics like: basic components of a graduate school application and finding the right graduate program. My favourite articles are the interviews, like this one, with the people that are making the selection decisions! It’s a terrific perspective to understand before tackling on the grad school applications yourself.

If your interested, you can also follow the site on twitter @myGradSchool

MyGradSchool Blog: It all begins

Well here begins a new resource to University and College students seeking information about applying to and surviving grad school. I hope it will also serve as an outlet to discuss higher education issues.

Here’s a bit of my bio: I am a Associate professor at a University in Montreal, Canada. I am a academic advisor as well as a research supervisor of Ph.D. and masters students. I have written a book on getting into grad school successfully, it’s called: Graduate School: Winning Strategies For Getting In With Or Without Excellent Grades. You can check it out at amazonI have been on many selection committees in my department,  and I am a regular contributer to the web site that features advice from experts on the topic of applying to graduate or professional school.

And lastly, I was once a student myself, applying to graduate school with a lot of the same questions that I see students have today when it comes to applying and also surviving grad school. I studied in both Canada and the United States and earned my Ph.D. in 1992.

Here are a few other links that describe a little bit about who I am and what I do:

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